Lexington Heating and Air Conditioning: Why R&D Indoor Comfort For Your Heating and Cooling Needs
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Why R&D Indoor Comfort?

Why do YOU want R&D Indoor Comfort to provide you with your HVAC needs you ask? Simple – R&D Indoor Comfort goes above and beyond to make sure that your new system is installed correctly on day 1, the most important day of any systems life. We do many little things during an installation that makes your installment of a new system a step, sometimes two steps, better than our competition. Just ask the R&D representative to show you those little differences we provide that separates us from the other HVAC contractors.

  • R&D Indoor Comfort is family and employee owned.
  • Licensed Heating & Air Conditioning technicians on staff.
  • Technician staff on hand 7 days a week.
  • Low employee turnover.
  • Stable leadership
  • R&D Indoor Comfort Full Service Plan customers receive same day service!
  • The Full Service Plan covers maintenance, plus parts and labor on repairs.
  • R&D Indoor Comfort believes in up-front pricing and we do not pay commission on parts/repairs.
  • R&D Indoor Comfort Technicians are backed by a team of support personnel for quick, in-the-field delivery of equipment, parts, information and materials.
  • Technicians and Installers protect your home by using shoe covers and drop cloths.
  • Drug screening and background checks performed on all new hires.
  • R&D Indoor Comfort operates a fleet of company owned vehicles – equipped with the latest in voice, data, tools, and testing equipment.