Would you like to save money on your heating costs? One way in which you can actually save a lot of money is to opt for an energy-efficient boiler. Besides saving money, they also release fewer greenhouse emissions into the earth, reducing your carbon footprint.

ENERGY STAR-certified boilers are boilers that meet the energy efficiency standards put in place by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Boilers that have received this distinction have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of more than 85%.

Clean Boilers Cut Costs

If you already have an ENERGY STAR-certified boiler, you may feel like you’ve done your part for your wallet and the environment. But you also have to take good care of your boiler through routine maintenance in order to maintain its efficiency. One of the most important maintenance tasks: regular cleaning. The burning process leaves behind soot, dust, and ash. The debris build can cause the heat transfer process to be less efficient; your boiler could end up using as much as 5% more fuel if it is not cleaned regularly.

A Professional Cleaning Job

Most people don’t have the time and energy to clean their boiler on a regular basis. Not only does the cleaning process take time, but it requires some special tools and products, like specialized boiler brushes and liquid descaler to remove deposits. A professional boiler cleaning service — and there are many in Lexington, Kentucky — can save you this trouble. You can get set up on a regular cleaning schedule that will increase the life of your boiler and have it inspected to catch problems – before they get expensive.