At R&D Indoor Comfort we are keenly aware that you have many choices in HVAC service in the Lexington area. Your “old Kentucky home” has a special furnace, boiler, or central air conditioner—special because it is yours, and you expect an HVAC contractor to treat it right. How do you go about selecting the best HVAC contractor for your needs?

    Professional Affiliations

    Unscrupulous workers have been known to throw a magnetic sign on a cargo van and call themselves HVAC contractors, so check the credentials and professional affiliations of anyone before you hire them. Specifically:

    Licensing—HVAC contractors must be licensed in Kentucky. All of our technicians are individually licensed
    Better Business Bureau—At R&D Indoor Comfort, we are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an indication that we are responsible members of the Lexington community.

    Customer Commitment

    An HVAC contractor who visits your home once and pronounces a repair “good enough” is deaf to customer concerns. A quality contractor will not stop working to earn your trust, repair your equipment, and leave you feeling comfortable, both with your home’s indoor air and the quality of the work completed.


    A company such as ours, with low employee turnover and an ongoing training program, attracts and keeps the most certified technicians. We invest in our service representatives so they can visit your home, diagnose and repair your equipment, and establish a strong, long-lasting relationship. From wearing shoe covers before entering your home to staying up to date on the latest HVAC developments, our technicians are dedicated to excellent service.


    Recent regulatory changes and advancements in technology in the heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning industry have given rise to a whole new generation of heating and cooling equipment. A truly excellent HVAC contractor has the equipment that will:

    Conserve energy
    Save you money on fuel and electric bills
    Last longer than other brands
    Work reliably

    Products such as condensing gas furnaces, multi-speed blowers, Wi-Fi-capable programmable thermostats, and dual fuel heating options give you the broadest range of choices. You can save money, protect our environment, and enjoy reliable heating and cooling year-round.


    Your HVAC equipment is the heart and blood of your home; it circulates, cleans, and treats your home’s indoor air. It safeguards your family from allergens, warms you on cold winter days, and keeps you cool and comfortable through Lexington’s summers. Heating and cooling equipment is expensive, too. Protect it with service plans that offer you peace of mind and other benefits:

    Up-front pricing—no surprises
    Complete coverage—parts, labor, and maintenance
    Year-round—technicians on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to help you the same day you call


    Certified technicians who know how to install and service the latest HVAC equipment must be supported by technology that keeps up with the hardware. Our service trucks provide our trained technicians with complete data, voice, and testing communications.

    Backing up our technicians are more employees ready to provide parts, guidance, and specific information, even delivering parts to the job as needed. Backing all of them up is our Director of Training, who ensures our technicians stay abreast of the latest developments in heating, ventilating and air conditioning.


    When you are ready to choose an HVAC contractor, ask for references from customers from recent jobs, and call one or two. Ask the HVAC company about training, technology, customer satisfaction, professional affiliations, and community involvement. Keep asking questions until you feel comfortable that you have found the right HVAC contractor for you and your family.