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Service Plans

Full Service Plan: FSP

How many times have you been part of a maintenance program, your system breaks down, the company you have a plan with shows up to fix your system, and the technician hands you a very large bill for services? The parts were covered under your maintenance plan, BUT the technicians hourly labor was not. With R&D Indoor Comfort’s Full Service Plan, that will not happen. With this service plan, the customer receives Priority Same Day Service, two yearly Clean & Checks, Parts, and Labor included in the price. That’s RIGHT – No Labor Charge. System must be in good working condition to apply. Just call our office to set up a visit from one of our technicians to visit your home for an analysis of your homes system and FSP design. *Disclaimer: Parts Exception List available on contract.

Clean and Check : C&C

R&D Indoor Comfort’s Clean & Check plan is your systems preventative maintenance program. For $125.00, our customer receives two yearly Clean & Check visits from our technicians. What’s a Clean & Check consist of? In the spring, our technician will conduct a 22 point inspection of your homes cooling system to make sure the unit is working properly, clean, and install a new filter. Then in late fall, our technicians will return to conduct another 22 point inspection on your homes heating system, clean, and install another new filter.

Quarterly Filter Change: QFC

Is your HVAC filter in a dirty crawl space or attic? Let R&D Indoor Comfort do the dirty crawling and climbing for you. Our Quarterly Filter Change plan consists of our technician arriving at your home or business every 3 months to install new filters. These are prescheduled appointments with pre-visit phone calls to set up a time that benefits the customers busy schedule

Personalized Maintenance Contract: PMC

As previously mentioned in this web site, our mission is to remain the Lexington areas premier HVAC service team. To do so, we must keep our customers best interest in mind and be flexible with our available service options. We accommodate our customers by offering the option of a Personalized Maintenance Contract. This contract benefits those customers that want or need to modify their maintenance plan to meet certain system units or accessories. Please call our office to schedule a technician to visit your home for an analysis and design a maintenance contract to meet your needs.

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