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Maintenance Programs

Full Service Plan: FSP

Full Service Program (FSP) is our club membership. How many times have you been a part of a maintenance program where the technician hands you a bill for labor? Not with this program. Our FSP covers the labor. If you call our office before Noon Eastern Standard Time, we will be at your home the same day. If you call after Noon Eastern Standard Time, we will be there before end of business the next day. All FSP programs must have a technician perform diagnostics on your homes HVAC systems for verification of equipment and to make sure they are in the manufacturer’s specified working condition. The FSP also includes a Spring PFC (Performance & Functionality Check), Fall PFC, and when it is time for a full system replacement, all FSP members receive a 10% discount.

Performance & Functionality Check (PFC)

Performance & Functionality Check (PFC) Program is R&D Indoors most common form of preventative maintenance, a customer can pre-schedule and pre-pay for their Spring PFC and Fall PFC. During the Spring PFC, the technician will clean the outside condenser coil, check all the components to make sure the system is working to the manufacturer’s specified standard. During the Fall PFC, for gas furnaces, the technician will clean the ignitor in the gas furnace, check the gas valve to make sure the flame is burning properly, sweep out the furnace compartment, and check the electrical components. For a Heat Pump system, the technician will check to make sure the system is changing over to heat properly and that the emergency heat strip is working as intended by the manufacturer.

Quarterly Filter Changes

Many customers have R&D Indoor Comfort arrive at their homes each quarter to change their filters because those filters are located in an area the homeowner doesn’t like or is unsafe to go into such as the attic or crawl space under the home. These can be pre-scheduled just like the PFC’s.

Monthly Filter Changes

Customers that have health / breathing issues along with commercial properties are who take advantage of this service. It can be pre-scheduled for the same day of the month throughout the year.